Rinaro is a team of researchers and engineers that share a collective focus on creating the most innovative and cutting-edge audio technology available today

Our company

Based in several international locations the face of Rinaro is constantly evolving whilst the core ethos and progressive spirit has remained the same since its inception.

At the heart of its technology is an R&D team that has been at the forefront of planar magnetic development since 1980. What originally started as a state funded initiative in the former USSR has remained a focused program of innovation that has been continuous for over 30 years and has spanned development of loudspeakers for the home, speaker drivers for the car and headphones.

Development has now entered into a new chapter with the opening of a cutting edge industrial facility in Lviv, Ukraine which houses the R&D team and manages diaphragm production on site.

Understanding isodynamics

At Rinaro we use Isodynamics name to embody a more scientific approach to magnetostatic electroacoustic systems that we have been committed to through our research and development program. With a focus on achieving more precision and consistency found in current magnetostatic designs.

We have innovated and progressed the technology within our magnet structures and diaphragms, this attention to detail takes us closer to our constant search for improved listening experiences.

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